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Join The Band online concert video

Online Music Concert – Join The Band

Uploading and Downloading - You did it!  The Join The Band online concert was a blast!  Over the course of the day, we had over 650 viewers on YouTube for three sets of music by our Band Members!  As of this writing, there have been over 800 views since concert day. Read more...
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If You Told Me….

If You Told Me…. 3/31/2020 So… here we are. Two weeks into this crazy new world.  If you told me a year ago or two months ago, or even three weeks ago that I would have to recreate the entire structure of  my business, my life habits,…
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Join The Band Turkey Jam 2019

118th Concert Review - Turkey Jam 2019 November 23rd and 24th, 2019 at The Mint 27 Bands Rocking The Mint! You did it! Congratulations on performing at the “Join The Band” Turkey Jam 2019. We had 27 bands perform over the weekend.…
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Join the Band History

"As soon as my daughter started this program, everything in her life changed," "She became a better student, she became a better person. Her whole life changed when she joined this program." 2006 Sun Community News Papers. Scott Sutphen. Malibu…
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Parent Testimonial Letter for Join the Band

March 5th, 2019 We get many email letters from our Join the Band parents. Everyday we go to work knowing that we can make a difference in our student's lives. Hearing this back from parents helps us continue to with our mission to make a substantial…
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115th Concert Weekend – Spring Jam 2019

Join the Band Spring Jam 2019 at The Federal Bar - March 2nd & 3rd. What a fun weekend! 24 bands and close to 100 "Join the Band" band members rocked The Federal Bar at our "Spring Jam Concert". Of course a big thank you to the JTB team…