Music Lessons In Sherman Oaks

If you are looking for music lessons in Sherman Oak you have many choices. At a teaching studio, in your home, online etc…

7 Questions to consider for Music Lessons

  1. Who are the lessons for?
  2. How do I find a music teacher?
  3. What is the teachers or studio’s background?
  4. How long have they been teaching music and reviews?
  5. Where will I take my lessons?
  6. Do they have band performance classes?
  7. Do they offer recitals/concerts?

1. Who are the music lessons for?

Are they for your kids? How old are they? Are they for you? Your spouse?

Many teachers have different strengths and weaknesses with different age groups. Experienced teachers understand how to work with a variety of age groups and personalities.

Call the studio/teacher and ask questions about the teachers qualifications and experience with different age groups.

2. How do I find a music teacher in Sherman Oaks?

Let’s face it. We look for anything these days in two ways.

  • Ask a friend or trusted source for a referral.
  • Go online and search.

Referrals are great because they come from someone that has already experienced the service. They have been engaged with the studio or teacher for some time and this creates reassurance that the studio is a trusted source.

Online Searchingis a great way to find out all the options available to you. However, it can be overwhelming. Google places well known and established services in the “three pack” of their search results. Any search result above the “three pack” are ads. These services had to pay to be placed there.

When viewing search results consider the location of the studio and how many reviews they have.

3. How long have they been teaching music and reviews?

A well established music lessons studio has a track record. That’s why they are still in business serving the community. In Sherman Oaks there are many choices for music lessons, but very few have been operating for over 20 years. This means they are trusted and known in the community.

Check for reviews. A trusted studio should have a lot reviews from clients about their experience at the studio.

Be wary of flyby night teachers just “off the road”. They are not committing long term to teaching. They are only teaching to fill in “down time” from touring/gigs.

This is very important. It does not matter how many tours a prospective teacher has done or who they may have played with. What matters is that they or the studio is consistent with your lessons.

4. What is the teachers or studio’s background?

This is similar to point three. Ask these questions when interviewing a studio.

  • Does the teacher have a degree in music?
  • How many students do they teach?
  • What methods do they use? (Books, reading music, playing by ear, just learning songs…)
  • Do they tour? If they regularly tour they are not a teacher. They teach to fill in “the gaps” and are not wholly dedicated to teaching.

5. Where will I take my music lessons?

These days most music lessons in Sherman Oaks are online. However, in “normal times”. Music lessons are either at a studio or in your home.

Online:Most lessons are on Zoom these days. Zoom lesson are very effective however, the main downside is not being able to play in real time with your teacher. Many teachers circumvent this by sending you precorded music to play along with. This way they can listen to you play with the track, just as if they were in the room with you. You also need to make sure you have a strong internet connection. The upside is that you don’t have to worry about driving to your lesson appointments.

In Your Home:In home lessons are convenient in that like online lessons you do not have to drive to your lesson. However, there are distractions with home lessons that do not happen in a more focused studio environment. For example: Having a dedicated space for you lesson, no interruptions from family members, pets, etc…

In Studio:In studio lessons offer a very focused environment for learning music. You are in a dedicated classroom for your lesson. This also allows you to easily play with and ask your teacher questions. There is positive and creative energy of other students learning music at the same time.

6. Do they have band performance classes?

Do they offer performance classes for students to apply their music lessons in a practical way? The best way to improve is to play with other students. The camaraderie and encouragement of others is very motivating. Keep in mind that joining a band performance class does require previous lessons to prepare for the experience. However, at Join The Band we have found that kids with limited musical skills can learn to play well in a band class. Call us to find out more. 818-345-8950

7. Do they offer recitals/concerts?

A well established studio offers recitals for private lessons and concerts for band performance classes. Besides playing with others, having a performance goal is very motivating to students. Knowing that, on this date, and this time, I will be performing, will place more focus on the lessons.

Join The Band

At Join The Band we offer music lessons in a state of the art studio designed for teaching music lessons. Our Sherman Oaks studio is located at 5928 Van Nuys Blvd. Teachers also available now on Zoom. Join The Band have served the community for over 20 years and with over 150 five star reviews on Google to back up our experience and commitment to teaching music.

Our recitals and concerts are very popular events and bring joy to the student, families, friends and our Join The Band teaching staff. For us there is nothing better than watching the continued growth in our students.

For more information on our music program call us today at 818-345-8950.

Check out our performance and information video on YouTube.

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