by Peter Gordon ’78

Frequently, Berklee alumni take career paths other than those they initially intended-in some cases because the industry has evolved in unexpected ways or because lifestyle changes demand new choices. I am constantly surprised to hear about lesser-known career fields in which our alumni excel.

About nine years ago, John Mizenko ’81 noticed that many of his private students in the San Fernando Valley were missing a key element in their development: the experience of playing in an ensemble. Mizenko began an after-school program called Join the Band. The business continues to grow and attract students, mostly from middle and high school, who now make up nearly 25 bands during each eight-week session. A recent Hollywood Reporter article mentioned the program, and awareness of Mizenko’s initiative is on the rise. In fact, when Showtime sought young musicians for a new series, it went no further than Join the Band. For more information, visit

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