Hello Band Members, Parents, and Friends,
Kids and Teens Concert. Knitting Factory. Sunday, June 8th, 2008
60 Shows! Wow! Awesome Day.

Our “School’s Out” Concert was huge success!
22 Bands!

Thank you again to my great JTB team. My wife Lynn Mizenko , Tom Neely, Ryan Gelber, Perk and the staff at the Knitting Factory!
You all did a great job and your help is very much appreciated.

The preparation everyone puts in really shows on our concert days. From the students and parents to our JTB team the cooperation we receive from everyone really helps JTB run an entertaining and efficient show

Once again JTB showed off all the great musicians in our program. From the youngest (5years old) to our veteran Band Members everyone played well and the concert was very fun. Many of our bands would give most club bands I’ve seen a run for their money.

I always feel like I’m repeating myself but here I go again. :-) Watching the bands perform and the collective sea of smiles in the audience is just infectious. After doing over 60 session shows and countless other JTB events I can truly say I always come home feeling good about watching everyone perform. Performing live is the ultimate test for any musician and time and time again the kids step up and put it out there for everyone. I’m very proud of all of you.

There are a lot of closet musicians and critics who have never set foot on a stage. However, the “doers” are the ones that reap the benefits of gaining confidence and experience at every gig they perform. Nobody can deny that. All of you ROCK!

Guitarist and Bassists – Do not bring any gear to the show you haven’t rehearsed with. We need to know what you will be using on the concert day. Also…everyone should have picks and spare strings in their case.

Drummers – If you bring your own snare drum, you must bring your own snare drum stand.

Practicing Tip – Don’t forget to get out the metronome. Of all the fancy practice tools on the market these days the metronome (when use properly) is the most effective too you will ever use.

See you at the next show.

The next session starts June 23rd.

Camps start the week of June 30th. JTB Summer Camps

Have a great Summer!

John Mizenko
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