Join the Band Song List

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The song list for the Join the Band Music School's band classes covers a wide range of styles from Rock, Blues, Jazz, and more. With over 1500 songs and growing you will find a lot of great music to play. All songs on this list are professionally prepared for your class.

Please consider the following when submitting songs:

  • Who is going to sing?
  • Will you be able to learn the song in time given?
  • Does your band have the correct instrumentation for your request?
  • Our Band Leaders (teachers) have a lot of experience in helping you choose songs and determining whether a song will be appropriate for your band.
  • SINGERS! We like to determine the key for your songs at least one week before the class begins. Please contact us if you need assistance at 818-345-8950.
  • We request three weeks notice before the next session begins to prepare the music that is not found on our current song list..

You will find the Join the Band song list to be very diverse by style, artist and era.

Songs can be sorted by title, artist, and style.

Displaying 17 songs in the Song List...

21st CenturyRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2006
CalifornicatonRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2000
Can't StopRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2003
Dani CaliforniaRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2006
Dark NecessitiesRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2016
Especially In MichiganRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2006
Higher GroundStevie Wonder / Red Hot Chili PeppersMotown1973
Higher GroundRed Hot Chili PeppersRock1989
OthersideRed Hot Chili PeppersRock1999
ReadymadeRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2006
Scar TissueRed Hot Chili PeppersRock1999
Snow (Hey Oh)Red Hot Chili PeppersRock2006
Soul to SqueezeRed Hot Chili PeppersRock1993
Tell Me BabyRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2006
Torture MeRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2006
Under The BridgeRed Hot Chili PeppersRock1992
Wet SandRed Hot Chili PeppersRock2006