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Read what students are saying about our program.

1. Teaching is all we do.music lessons Music Lessons 2 20Guitar 20lesson 202

We are not a retail store selling instruments or music. This allows us to focus on providing our students the best possible music lesson instruction. We have over 30 years of experience in private music lesson instruction.

2. More than music.

In our music lessons studio everyone participates in and encourages… Teamwork, Respect, Patience, Focus, Kindness, Honesty and Support.

3. University Trained Teachers.

Our teachers are experienced professional musicians that love to teach. But most of all they are able to adapt the lessons to meet the needs of each student.

4. Private music lessons.

The best music lesson experience is one on one instruction. This allows the teacher to focus entirely on one student and gauge the lessons individually.

5. All Ages – Beginner to Advanced.music lessons Music Lessons 2 20Camp 20Recording 20Vocals 20copy

If you are new to music lessons we are very experienced with beginners and take them to very advanced levels. Catering the lessons to your interests also ensures a positive experience.

6. Age appropriate classes

We schedule our classes by age and level. All classes are supervised by a JTB Band Leader in a supportive environment.

7. Music Studio Lessons.

We have found the best results when the students come to the studio. The studio provides a professional atmosphere for music lessons. Though we do provide in-home music lessons, we find that lessons in the studio provided a more focused lesson experience.

8. Concerts – Join the Band.

With our popular “Join the Band” program, students can regularly perform for family and friends. With each performance we continually see more confidence in our students. We also are active in community events and we encourage our students to participate.

9. Exam and Audition preparation.

Lessons can be catered to help prepare students for auditions and exams for their school bands and college. We have been very successful at preparing our students for these types of auditions and exams.

10. Teaching standards

We have seen our students attend prestigious local music high schools and colleges such as Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Hamilton Magnet, Berklee College of Music, Juliard, USC and more!