Student Showcase

Jake SchepsXanthe Scheps

For five solid years, Xanthe Scheps, 13, has been rocking in Join the Band. She started out when she was 8 years old, totally mortified onstage, singing songs like “Secret Agent Man” and “My Generation”. Since then, Join the Band has really helped her develop her musical expertise and made her much more comfortable performing for others.

Xanthe is a dedicated musician, and has been playing the piano since she was two years old. She loves playing in Join the band because she learns so much through playing a multitude of different songs. She enjoys every band and session she plays in, and loves playing with different people.

“Join the Band is an awesome program, and when you’re up onstage performing, the sense of fulfillment is incredible. I love the interaction in the program with other people, and I’ve met some of my best friends through Join the Band.”