Jake SchepsStudent Showcase

Jake Scheps

Jake Scheps, 17 has been with Join the Band for the past five years. One of our most versatile students, he plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and has also been known to belt out a song in his big baritone voice. His music reading talents also make him a valuable Join the Band student as one of our Join the Band Team Players.

Jake made his Join the Band debut playing drums in the 32nd concert at Cozy's Bar and Grill in October of 2003. As we head towards the 60th concert at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, Jake reflects on what the past five years have meant to him.

"I started out with no band experience and had only been playing drums for a month before my drum teacher suggested I try the Join the Band program. Within a few sessions my skills had greatly improved and I had gained a lot of confidence in a band situation."

Since then, Jake has played guitar, bass and drums with many different Join the Band bands. He has played in community events as a Join the Band All Star, and in this last year became a Join the Band Team Player, helping out a couple of the younger bands.

"All this has really helped me grow as a musician. There is a great sense of trust in your band as you perform, which comes from knowing that you are well rehearsed. I love concert day. At the show when I watch the other bands play, I always want to be up there playing with them too!"