Jacob RostovskyJoin the Band Team Player: Jacob Rostovsky

Every Tuesday night my life gets better. That's when my Join the Band band rehearses. No matter how I was feeling before I stepped into the rehearsal studio, I always feel unstoppable and extremely happy as soon as my feet touch the studio floor. Join the Band has completely changed my life. It's taught me how to be responsible, instilled my love of music and helped me to make wonderful and close friends. Ever since joining Join the Band my music ability has grown. I've gotten a lot better at drumming and I've learned how to read different kinds of music. I've made friends in Join the Band that I know I'll keep for a lifetime and my experiences will last with me forever.

Jacob has been with Join the Band for over three years now and has always shown the commitment to his bands and is always a fun team player. Never one to whine about a song selection Jacob will gladly take on any challenge from Join the Band. His help outside of class in promoting Join the Band and helping out with concert days makes a great candidate for our Team Player certificate.