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During a family trip to the circus, Adam’s parents remember how their four year-old son’s focus was not on the circus performers, but on the circus band. The following year, to accommodate Adam’s growing interest in music, his mom and dad signed him up for piano lessons. After the first music lesson, Adam told them that he wanted to play the drums instead. At his parent's insistence, Adam continued with his piano lessons, however, his fixation with the drums never let up and his parents finally gave in and bought him a drum kit. His dad says that as soon as he finished assembling the kit, Adam picked up the sticks and just started rocking. Later that week, a drum teacher stopped by the house to hear Adam play. His first question to Adam was to inquire how long he had been playing. When Adam replied, “Less that a week,” the teacher was shocked at how well he had grasped the basics of drumming in such a short period of time.

During a shopping trip at Pottery Barn, Adam's mother, Batya, was referred to Join the Band by the store's manager. Adam has been playing with Join the Band ever since (nearly three years now!), and is usually the youngest member in the band. In addition, he also performs with various Join the Band groups at festivals, schools, and other private events. Adam’s YouTube videos have received over 53,000 hits and he has received kudos from professional drummers worldwide.

"Join the Band has become so much fun...words cannot even explain it! We have played at clubs, the Knitting Factory, private schools; I even got to meet Pat Benatar at one of our shows. That was a real crazy Join the Band moment for me. I love Join the Band - it's great! John makes everything we do more fun!! Thank you, John; I can't wait until our next gig! - Adam Levy

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