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We will be using this page to update you with news on our Music lessons program and our Join the Band band classes which have become very popular in Los Angeles. http://jointheband.com/

Next session news – Sign up now for the next session. 818-345-8950. Classes start January 4th, 2010

Concert dates are Saturday, February 20th and Sunday February 21st.


Our Holiday Jam concert on Sunday, December 13th was our 69th concert and our first show at the famous Roxy Theatre. Though we did have a few bumps during the day our show ran well.

We also received nice gifts for our Toys for Tots drive. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all the support our Band Members received at the concert from family and friends. We had a great turnout throughout the day and it really makes the day exciting for everyone.

I hope everyone had a fun experience. The energy level in the room was high all day and we had great performances from our bands. Playing on a new stage at any level of your playing can be tricky. The sound is different, the club staff has their own way of “doing things” and everything feels different.

Performing live is one of the most challenging parts of being a musician. There are so many variables and you are performing in the moment.  Unlike recording music and/or writing there are no “do overs’ or re-writes. What you play in the moment on stage is the keeper. The more shows you play the better you will get at adjusting to live performance. There is no substitute for playing live. You can rehearse four hours a day, buy all kinds of cool equipment, and get coached by great teachers, but the moment you get on stage it’s just you, your instrument, the audience and all the “unknowns” that may come your way. How you react to the “unknowns”  is what makes you grow as a musician and performer.

Those of you that know me have heard me say/write this before… There are doers and there are those that talk about doing. I am very proud to say that our Join the Band, Band Members are doers. Being an “arm chair quarterback”  is one thing… but actually taking a snap from center and staring down a middle linebacker that wants the football is a totally different experience. (-:

Thank you to our Join the Band team. It was a long day and everyone held together. Without them our shows would not run as smoothly as they do. You were all awesome at the show.

We are splitting the show next time and having bands play on Saturday and Sunday. The marathon concerts are fun but they do take  a lot out of our staff.

Next session starts January 4th. Concert weekend is February 20th and 21st.

Sign up now! 818-345-8950 email info@jointheband.com

All the best!

John Mizenko

Join the Band