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My name is Louis Hoffman I am your typical band teacher; I play a bit of most everything and am always looking for new and exciting learning opportunities for both my students and myself.

One of the toughest challenges for and young and old musicians is finding a place and a reason to keep playing. Music is such a solitary pursuit, with hundreds, even thousands of hours of practice time. It can be boring, disheartening and monotonous and without some kind of an outlet, many if not most beginning musicians just stop playing.

For most people I know they learned the piano, guitar or maybe they even dreamed of singing, but they never got out there and just played live in front of audience, performing music they loved and wanted to play.

In general, traditional music education centers around the musical genres of classical, folk and jazz, but most contemporary styles (blues, r & b, rock, funk, punk, pop, disco…) are simply not address in our schools.

So, many a budding musician heads down to their local music store and learns some basic techniques on their instrument of choice, a tune or 2, but by-and-large it ends there.

What’s missing is MENTORSHIP… and that’s what Join The Band offers. A professional and gifted musician and teacher in the studio, guiding a group of likeminded individuals through the rehearsal process, comminuting in a performance at real venue. Having a goal, a performance date, in an appropriate learning environment with quality instruction makes all the difference.

This is the real deal!

By the way, I am not just a fan, but an active member too. I am now on my 3 workshops, made some great friends and am having an absolute blast just making music.