Join the Band Holiday Jam 2010 Concert Review

What a fun weekend! Harper’s on Friday and The Mint on Sunday!

This was our 75th concert weekend and as expected it was a very fun experience. The preparation everyone put in really showed. TheĀ  Harper’s show featured our Adult rockers, a blues band and a special appearance by one of our kids bands. We may mix this up a bit more (Adult band with a couple kids bands) in the future as the response to the whole evening was very positive.

The Mint on Sunday was also a great day. From set up to tear down, everyone had a very good day. We flipped the schedule around this time so the younger bands got a chance to seeĀ  the advanced teen bands perform. This also turned into a plus. I received a lot of great feedback regarding the schedule. Everyone at the show heard bands of different ages and levels perform.Very inspiring for everyone.

Of course we had a few hiccups but everything worked out in the end. One band had a drummer that couldn’t make the show due to a bad ankle sprain. Kudos to Rosh for learning the drums on short notice and Ryan on bass to shore up the band. They kids had a great set. Remember, stuff happens when you play live. People are late, don’t show up, get sick, injured, etc… you name it, most experienced performers have seen it all. You just find a way. Dwelling on what when wrong and reacting to situations never solves anything. You have to focus on the solution and not the problem.


The past year was very fun for JTB. We made a lot of new friends and are looking forward to seeing everyone in the new year. We really enjoy watching the growth of our Band Members. As stated in previous posts, we strongly believe that steady growth comes from the inside out. We want our students to understand the core of what they are learning. From there they can accomplish anything!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

John Mizenko

Join the Band