At only 11 years old Lulu Cerone has been with  Join the Band for just about three years now. In that time she has not missed a single session. She has performed in 22 concerts, learned 56 songs and has proven to be a great team player by showing support to all of her band mates. Way to go Lulu! You are our Combo Queen!

Not only a great team player at JTB, Lulu was recently featured in USA Today for creating her own non-profit called Lemon Aid Warriors Click here for more info:  Lemon Aid Warriors

From Lulu…

“If my life was a book, there would be two chapters;  Before Join the Band, and After Join The Band.

Before JTB, I thought studying music meant sitting by myself at a piano playing kiddy songs, or classical music  that meant nothing to me. It was lonely and boring.   After JTB, I realized the hard work pays off when you  play exciting music, with friends who make it fun.  I started practicing more and music became my obsession, instead of a chore.   Before JTB, I was shy.  Really shy.  My teacher, in January of 2nd grade, said that I had not raised my hand once all year.

After Join The Band, I became so confident on stage, that I am able to talk to large groups of people without any nerves at all.  My speech for student council helped get me elected, and in October I was invited to New York to talk to a huge convention of people about my LemonAID Warriors fund raising organization. I can’t imagine doing this without all the experience in front of an audience with my bands.  Before Join The Band, I listened to music but didn’t really hear it. I thought music was either classical, from my lessons, or pop, that my friends listen to.

After JTB, I realize that there is a universe of music out there from jazz to instrumental to classic rock.  I hear all the instruments instead of just the song.  I started taking drum lessons and voice lessons on top of piano lessons, and I have much better taste in music now!

Thank you, JTB, for changing my life.  And thank you mostly for the friends I have made:  Charlotte, Spencer, Jackson, Emily…you rock!!”

We look forward to having Lulu around for many more years of music and to work with her fund raising program Lemon Aid Warriors. Kids can make a difference!

John Mizenko

Program Director/ Join the Band