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Join the Band Music Program with our friends at 4GOOD are sponsoring a fund raiser this Saturday for Education Through Music – Los Angeles at Flappers Comedy club in Burbank.

Show time is 2:30pm to 4:30pm

The concert will feature kids from the ETM program as well as JTB bands for a fun afternoon of music.

Education Through Music – Los Angeles, is a great program bringing back music classes to local schools that have lost funding. Music can play a vital role in the development of young students. We fully support ETM in “Bringing The Music Back” to those who do not have access to music programs in their schools.

Hope to see you at the show!

At only 11 years old Lulu Cerone has been with  Join the Band for just about three years now. In that time she has not missed a single session. She has performed in 22 concerts, learned 56 songs and has proven to be a great team player by showing support to all of her band mates. Way to go Lulu! You are our Combo Queen!

Not only a great team player at JTB, Lulu was recently featured in USA Today for creating her own non-profit called Lemon Aid Warriors Click here for more info:  Lemon Aid Warriors

From Lulu…

“If my life was a book, there would be two chapters;  Before Join the Band, and After Join The Band.

Before JTB, I thought studying music meant sitting by myself at a piano playing kiddy songs, or classical music  that meant nothing to me. It was lonely and boring.   After JTB, I realized the hard work pays off when you  play exciting music, with friends who make it fun.  I started practicing more and music became my obsession, instead of a chore.   Before JTB, I was shy.  Really shy.  My teacher, in January of 2nd grade, said that I had not raised my hand once all year.

After Join The Band, I became so confident on stage, that I am able to talk to large groups of people without any nerves at all.  My speech for student council helped get me elected, and in October I was invited to New York to talk to a huge convention of people about my LemonAID Warriors fund raising organization. I can’t imagine doing this without all the experience in front of an audience with my bands.  Before Join The Band, I listened to music but didn’t really hear it. I thought music was either classical, from my lessons, or pop, that my friends listen to.

After JTB, I realize that there is a universe of music out there from jazz to instrumental to classic rock.  I hear all the instruments instead of just the song.  I started taking drum lessons and voice lessons on top of piano lessons, and I have much better taste in music now!

Thank you, JTB, for changing my life.  And thank you mostly for the friends I have made:  Charlotte, Spencer, Jackson, Emily…you rock!!”

We look forward to having Lulu around for many more years of music and to work with her fund raising program Lemon Aid Warriors. Kids can make a difference!

John Mizenko

Program Director/ Join the Band

Call today for lessons with Blues Guitar Great. John Marx. 818-345-8950

Every so often a great musician is revealed to us that goes beyond the norm. A players player that has their art down and passion for the music ingrained into everything they do. At Join the Band we have blues great John Marx. He is the blues jewel of Los Angeles.

Click here to hear John jammin on The Cozy’s Shuffle

I first heard John play over 20 years ago in a small blues club in Burbank. I left very humbled by his dedication to the blues and how he approached every note and chord. He is a true student and scholar of the blues. Anyone that has spent any time with him knows he is a true blues man. He’s knowledge and passion for the blues is both encyclopedic and infectious. Check out John at one of his many gigs in the LA area or sit in on his Blues Workshops at our JTB studio and you will know you have been in the room with a true artist. Sitting in to play with him is a master lesson in rhythm, feel, and subtlety. You can’t BS your way around John. Music is first and BS is sent out the back door.

John is a natural teacher and loves to share his passion for the blues. His true love of the blues is very evident in every JTB workshop he teaches. The “Join the Band Blues Workshop with John Marx” is our most popular workshop.

Born and raised in East Baltimore Maryland, John began singing in church and for audiences at the age of six. He played the drums from ages ten to fifteen, and then took up the guitar to better accompany his singing.

Over the years John has found himself either on stage or in a recording studio with Albert Collins, Lowell Fulson, The Drifters, Gladys Knight, Carmelo Garcia, George Benson, The Dells, Al Duncan, Luther Tucker, Lee Oskar, Gabor Szabo, The Platters, Larry Hopkins, Luis Gasca, The Coasters, Charlie Musselwhite, Jimmy Smith, Jesse Ed Davis, Lightning Hopkins, Sleepy John Estes, Luther Tucker, Larry Davis, Cash Mc Call, Earl King, Floyd Dixon, and many others. He also recorded and toured with great harmonica player William Clarke

Players like John are a gift. We are very honored to have him involved with “Join the Band”!

Check some of John’s work here…